Debbie’s Seafood Superstore

Debbie’s Seafood is Mackay’s premium supplier of local fresh seafood with a large state of the art superstore located in Slade Point.  Servicing Mackay for more than a decade, Debbie’s Seafood has been awarded the Best Large Seafood Business (2017) and Best Small Business (2015, 2013) in Queensland.  Proud of their professional fishing origins, Mark and Debbie have always been determined to provide the local community with fresh local seafood.

Come and experience what the local fishing industry has to offer.

  • Monday to Saturday 8am – 5.30pm

  • Sunday 8am – 4.30pm

  • Filleting Services are available from Monday – Saturday 7am to 12pm

  • Fresh and Frozen Reef Fish Varieties

  • Cooked and Green Local Prawns

  • Sandcrabs and Mudcrabs

  • Australian Squid Tubes and Rings

  • Victorian Roe-On Scallops and Harvey Bay Roe-Off Scallops

  • Octopus, Whitebait and Wholeshell Mussels

  • New Zealand Kina, Paua and Flounder