Customer Orders.

  • Before calling to order please review our Christmas order form and available packages on this website (‘Christmas 2019’ page) and facebook (‘Christmas 2019’ photo album) for collection times, dates, terms and conditions.
  • Please note we’re unable to alternative or make changes to the seafood packages stated.

Important Ordering Dates.

  • Orders must be submitted by December the 13th with a deposit paid, orders after this time will be at managment discretion.
  • All frozen seafood packages and bulk buys need to be collected from either the seafood vans (by Dec 20th) or seafood shop (by Dec 23rd).
  • All fresh seafood packages must be collected after 2pm on December the 24th.

Deposit Required.

  • All orders need to be phoned through to the office (49554111 ext 2) and a deposit of at least $50 is required. You will require your credit card details for the payment to be processed over the phone. Or come into the shop and speak to one of our shop assistances.
  • Please note deposits are non-refundable, we can however offer a voucher.

Ordering Prawns.

  • Unless your order is 5kg+ you don’t need to place an order, you’ll be able to come into the shop and select from the available prawns. We will not run out of prawns. The reason we don’t take smaller orders is due to the limited storage space available.

Prawn Prices.

  • Depending on the variety and size of the prawns, we esitmate they will range from $35kg up to $48kg. We expect to have Banana, Endeavour and Tiger prawns available.
  • If you’d like Red Spot Kings, we have very limited stocks available in 5kg frozen cooked cartons. Please call the office 49554111 ext 2 for more details. These need to be collected ASAP.

Mud Crabs.

  • As in previous years we’re unable to take orders for mud crabs, the drought has resulted in very limited catches. We will however have local green/raw painted cray fish available, starting at $69.99kg.