In January 2019, Natalie and Craig took a family holiday to Japan, specifically Tokyo and Kyoto. A highlight of the trip was the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Late last year, the fish auctions moved locations however the ‘outer market’ is still a fantastic place to see and taste various types of fresh and cooked seafood. Highlights to the tour included the variety of seafood skewers available, from scallops ‘lollipops’ to whole dried squid.  Smoked fish roe and every live crustacean imaginable was on offer. The family also took in the Kyoto food market, the perfect spot to sample fresh sushimi sushi, yakitori and any number of the sweet treats. In addition to sampling a vast variety of foods and local drinks, Nat, Craig and Bella also toured the Golden Pavilion, Mt Fuji, Sensō-ji Temple and many more sites. Japan is a beautiful country and if you’re considering visiting we’d certainly recommend it.